Yogi & Yogini PVC Yoga Mat Turquoise


An excellent series of affordable Yogi & Yogini yoga mats - not suitable for Power Yoga, Hot Yoga or Asthanga! Excellent grip: Excellent grip on the surface, flexible and lightweight (1.25 kg), gives a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

Excellent insulation: Water-repellent and heat-insulating on a cold surface, does not slip on the surface and shock-absorbing.

Material: Vinyl foam / PVC with anti-slip, Standard EN71 Part3 standard, meets EU directives. Yogi & Yogini Yoga Tools The Yogi & Yogini Trademark stands for all male and female (yoga) practitioners who, out of joy and wisdom, want to make a positive contribution to the development of themselves, others and our planet. Under our brand Yogi & Yogini Yoga Tools, we market products that contribute to this.


Size cm 63x185x0.5

Weight gram 1250

Material PVC