Yerba Santa Smudge L


Incense: Yerba Santa Smudge Bundle - L

Yerba Santa is Spanish for "holy herb", the name that the missionaries gave it because they were amazed by its healing power. This 100% natural smolder herb not only provides a positive working odor, but is also ideal for protection and purification of both yourself and your immediate environment. Traditionally it has been used as a kind of incense to ward off negative energies and as part of healing ceremonies. Yerba Santa is considered sacred by both the original inhabitants of America and in Spanish culture.

Use: Light the tip of the sage stick, wave it with it so that the flame goes out and the twig continues to smolder. With this smoldering twig you can finish the entire aura body from top to bottom or walk counterclockwise through the (living) space that you want to purify. Ventilate well.

Each bunch of dried Yerba Santa is tied together with yarn.