White Sage Smudge Torch (3pcs)

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Packed per 3.

About our White Sage smudges: Smudge (literally: smoldering fire), in sticks or woods, is completely natural, ceremonial incense, which is burned by the native Native Americans in America, for example in sweat lodges. Doctors, therapists and body workers are increasingly discovering the beneficial effects of these herbs. Smudge bushes are used all over the world to reconnect with the power of Mother Nature. The use of smoldering plants and resin may have originated from prehistoric campfires in caves. The ceremony of cleansing people, places and objects with smoke is still in vogue today. Not only good for repelling annoying flying insects, but the smoke from certain plants (smudge) was also found to make food and skins sustainable. Certain types of smoke could also provide protection against invisible spirits and thoughts. To apply that protective and cleaning effect, leaves or resins were heated to make smoke, which was then used to brush over the person or object, often with large feather fans. Some plants gave off smoke that was used in healing, and others had more general powers. The smudge smoke is made by placing dried plants or herbs on smoldering coals, or by lighting dried herbs in an earthenware dish or large shell. White Sage is burned in ceremonies to expel evil spirits, negative thoughts or influences. The leaves are renowned for their special scent, and they are used as a natural repellent against moths (in clothing) or mosquitoes (in a room). White Sage can be used in countless ways. The American Indians in Central America cover the floor of their sweat lodges with it. They also breathe in through a small bunch of sage and sometimes rub it on their body when they are in the sweat lodge. White Sage makes evil spirits sick, they say. They are expelled with it, when it is burned. If not with the good spirits; they don't go away through the smoke. Good spirits love sage.