White Sage & Ruda Rue (10CM)


These twigs of white sage and Ruda Rue together form a strong scented and cleansing combination. Both white sage and the ruda plant are classics when it comes to cleaning the environment. Ruda rue is also a very old classic among the fragrances in perfumes. By burning these two herbs together, you dispel nasty odors and you clean your environment.


The origin and features of white sage

White sage grows mainly in California. It is a well-known herb that was used by the Indians for "smudging". This ritual means that by burning the right herbs, you make contact with the spiritual world. In this way you can cleanse your environment and yourself from negative energy. The Indians often spoke about the spirit world, such as evil spirits. By burning herbs they chased the evil spirits away and made contact with the good spirits.

There are different types of sage, but only white sage has the cleansing properties that the Indians considered important. White sage has a strong, spicy scent that you might have to get used to at the beginning. In addition, the herb works antibacterial and you can dispel unwanted odors with the invigorating scent.


Ruda Rue

Ruda rue is a herb with strong healing features. For example, it used to be known as an antidote to certain snakes and mushrooms. In addition, it was used in the kitchen, as a mouthwash and as a remedy for colds. Ruda rue was also known for its strong, spicy scent.

There were many stories about the plant. It is known for its protective effect and for warding off evil. Shakespeare liked to write about it, and associated the herb in his stories with healing and memory.