White Sage & Rosemary 10cm (1pcs)


This smudge stick contains the pleasantly scented rosemary, along with white sage. Rosemary has a fresh, spicy scent. That is also a reason why the herb is used for tasty dishes. The herb was already popular in the past and still is today. White sage and rosemary together form a powerful combination.

 Cleanses stagnant atmosphere

The origin of white sage and smudging

People familiar with smudging will immediately associate white sage with smudging. The ritual "smudging" comes from the Native Americans. They burn herbs in a fireproof dish or shell, in order to establish contact with the spiritual world. They do this, to dispel evil energies and to evoke good energies. This way they cleansed their living space and people from bad influences.

The ritual smudging has also found its way to Europe, although we usually do not use it to connect with spirits. For us, smudging is often useful for removing unwanted odors and negativity from the home. In addition, you can use smudging herbs for meditation.


Rosemary; qualities and scent

It has been said about rosemary in earlier times that it had a comforting effect and that it could improve your mood. The pleasantly stimulating scent provides energy and can dispel gloom. With the spicy scent of rosemary, many people think of sun, summer and Mediterranean food. The spice is therefore often used in the kitchen. Both the taste and the smell are delicious. Together with white sage, rosemary is therefore one of the best herbs to free yourself and your environment from negativity and unwanted odors.


How to smudge with white sage and rosemary?

There are no set rules for smudging. There are, however, ways to perform your smudge ritual as the Native Americans. The most important thing you need is a smudge bowl or a shell. Take a few twigs from your smudge stick of rosemary and sage, and light them in the dish. As soon as the herbs burn, blow out the flame. The smoke then starts to spread around.

To expel negative energy or unwanted odors from your house, it is best to open a window.


Smudging tips

To properly spread the herbs during the burning process, you can use a feather. This way, the herbs can properly clean every corner of your living space.

Your ritual is complete if you use a shell for the smudging. You combine the four elements with a shell. The shell stands for water, the combustion for fire, the smoke for air and the herbs for the earth element.