White Sage & Lavender Smudge 10cm


With this smudge stick with lavender and white sage you can free your living space from negative energy and unpleasant odors. The white sage has a cleansing effect, while the lavender provides tranquility. By burning smudge sticks, you use herbs in their purest form. The Indians traditionally started doing this to make contact with the spirit world.


The origin of smudging

Smudging was originally a ritual of the native Americans. By burning certain herbs such as white sage, they made contact with the spiritual world. This way they expelled negative energy around a person or in a living space. The difference between burning incense and smudging is that incense is intended to create a certain atmosphere, while the purpose of smudging is cleansing.

Today, smudging is also known in Europe. Here we use the herbs for both disguising negativity (as the Indians did) and to meditate to as well. In addition, many people enjoy the smell of white sage and lavender. With these scents you can perfectly refresh your house and dispel nasty odors.


The scent of white sage and lavender

White sage and lavender both have their own unique scent. The scents fit well together and both ensure peace, focus and positivity. White sage has a very strong, spicy, penetrating scent. Some people have to get used to this.

The spicy, delicious scent of lavender is known to many. Lavender is a strong tranquilizer and a very suitable herb for the evening. It promotes a good night's sleep.


Burn smudge herbs

You can burn smudge sticks in a fireproof dish or shell. Both a pottery dish or sea shell are safe and complete the three or four elements, making your ritual extra strong. The Indians were always aware of the four elements when burning herbs: air (smoke) herbs (earth) combustion (fire) and water (shell). By combining herbs in a smudge shell, you create a connection with each of the four elements.

These 22 cm smudge sticks contain sage sprigs and lavender sprigs. You can burn the herbs together, but if you like, you can also light them seperately.


Tips for white sage & lavender smudge

Place the twigs on a fireproof dish or smudge shell and light them. As soon as they start burning, blow out the flame. You can then spread the smoke. This can be done with a feather, in the traditional Indian way.