White Musk Backflow Dhoop Cones Satya



Musk is originally from the musk deer. It is a sultry fragrance. Musk smells earthy and woody, yet seductive. It is now one of the most popular fragrances in the world. With these backflow cones you can enjoy the scent musk with a backflow incense burner.


How exactly do backflow cones work?

The difference between "ordinary" incense cones and backflow cones is not that big at all. To ensure that the smoke from backflow cones flows down, an opening has been made in the center of the cone. The air remains relatively cool in this narrow opening. Because cool air always falls, the smoke from this cone will also flow down. By lighting the cone at the top of the backflow burner, you create a beautiful waterfall. A larger amount of natural powder has been added to backflow cones, which provides extra smoke. This enhances the incense waterfall effect.


The musk scent

Musk is a sensual, powdery fragrance. In the special aroma you can also find notes of wood. Musk smells wonderful and is known for providing peace and focus. People often like to light the scent while working. Musk is recommended for those who like a soft, but mystical fragrance.


Satya, natural and hand rolled

Satya is seen worldwide as a true classic among the incense brands. The brand is hand-rolled in India, using mainly natural ingredients. The result is that the scents smell pure and nostalgic. In addition, harmful substances such as lead and cadmium are not used by Satya.


Tips for Satya white musk backflow cones

You can light backflow cones as usual. The only difference is that the smoke will flow down instead of up. It is important that you burn this incense in a wind and draft-free environment. When the wind blows, the backflow effect is lost. Because musk gives peace and activates at the same time, it is an excellent fragrance to light during creative activities. These white musk backflow dhoop cones are a wonderful gift for an incense enthusiast. The soft fragrance of musk is loved by many people.