Whispers Of The beloved - Rumi


They say: Born in Balkh (present-day Afghanistan), Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273) is one of the greatest Persian mystics and poets the world has known. His message of love speaks directly to the heart and transcends the limitations of language and the boundaries of time. In the vast depths of Rumi's work the short quatrains, the Rubaiyat, are like crystals. They sparkle with the many hues of the rainbow and contain worlds inside. As we hold them in our hands they capture us with their mystery. Transparent and clear they open doors into the wonder of inner spaces and longing. Whispers of two lovers in a crowd. 

Azima Melita Kolin is a concert pianist and an artist. She finished her studies in music and art at the Academy in Rome and Geneva. Her love for Rumi's poetry has been the inspiration for concerts and workshops based on his poems. 

Maryam Mafi, born and raised in Iran, finished her university education in the USA. She has been translating Persian writers and poets since 1989. Her interest in Sufism and Rumi in particular is life-long.