Wanchako Palo Santo With 7 Herbs Incense

€3,75 €5,00
Wanchako incense is made from 100% natural Palo Santo wood 
and 7 different herbs from the Andes Mountains:
Rosemary, Muña, Thyme, Wiracoa, Wallpa Chaqui, Romerillo, Eucalyptus. Can be burned in a shell, can be pulverized and burned on charcoal
or burned like an ordinary incense stick, in a suitable incense burner.

Made in: Peru. 
Product specifications
Craft ecological incense
For 100% natural purification
Naturally relaxing, relieves stress
Expels negative energies and mosquitoes
4 sticks per pack
Each stick burns ± 25-30 min.
SERFOR certified
Plastic-free packaging
What are the qualities of Palo Santo?
Tradition has it that the shamans and healers of ancient times
already knew the healing properties of Palo Santo,
Sacred Wood, and used it skillfully to relieve illnesses such as flu,
allergies, headaches and bone problems.
Indigenous cultures made use of the wood in its robust form.
Today Palo Santo incense is made in a much more aesthetically pleasing way,
which after combustion produces smoke that cleans and purifies the environment
of germs, bacteria, evil spirits, bad vibrations and other negative forces.
Palo Santo is widely appreciated for its energetic cleansing
and healing properties.
It is a strong remedy that has become known for its heavenly ability
to keep energies grounded and clear. It creates a pleasantly
refreshing full-bodied scent and uplifting aroma that raises
your vibrational level in preparation for meditation,
allowing for a deeper connection to the source of everything.
One of the essential active ingredients of Palo Santo is guayahereetic acid,
known for its analgesic effect.
It acts on the human endocrine system:
it promotes the secretion of certain hormones,
such as dopamine and endorphins, thereby relieving feelings of abandonment,
gloominess, stress, and the like.
With all this knowledge and age-old use in traditional cultures,
we could give Palo Santo a chance ...
we don't lose anything by trying this natural remedy.
Wachanko - SERFOR certified Palo Santo products
Wachanko's products come from a forest managed,
authorized and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (SERFOR) of Peru. Only Palo Santo trees and branches are used that have fallen naturally and have remained on the land for at least 3 to 4 years. Nature is not harmed by this method of harvesting.