VitaJuwel ViA Wellness Rose quartz - Amethyst - Rock Crystal

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Discover the next step in the development of VitaJuwel gemstone water accessories. Be ready for fresh and vital water wherever you sit, with the VitaJuwel ViA.

VitaJuwel ViA is a glass bottle with two openings, made of quality glass, with an interchangeable bottom part, filled with an interchangeable selection of self-selected (semi) precious stones. This patented bottom is handcrafted in the Austrian Alps.

Every year, over 89 billion liters of bottled water are dispensed in the United States alone; 1,500 bottles pass through per second (!), 80% of which are not reused.

Those plastic bottles are made from oil products. As a result, more and more landscapes and oceans are being polluted. Transporting bottled water by plane, boat, train and truck consumes enormous amounts of energy, with a huge burden on our environment. Now think 'green' and use refillable bottles! Benefits The gems do not have to be placed directly in the water. The rod protects the water from possible contaminants from contaminated gemstones and from splinters.
No time-consuming cleaning of the gemstones. The glass rod keeps them clear and shiny.

VitaJuwel is hygienic, easy and perfectly designed. Rose quartz - amethyst - rock crystal This good basic composition has been used for hundreds of years to revitalize water. Experts say that amethyst determines our consciousness, and that rose quartz provides peace and tranquility. Anyway, this original VitaJuwel cup with the bottom on your dining table from your desk at the office will always keep you drinking more water. Most users find the taste of 'gemstone water' made with this mix soft and mild. If you are not sure which VitaJuwel mix is ​​right for you, choose this one!

Rose quartz - amethyst - rock crystal


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