Tunturi Yoga Foam Roller 33 CM Black

The Tunturi Yoga Grid Foam Roller is a versatile and complete foam roller equipped with the unique "Distrodensity Zones". These zones consist of matrices with different widths and densities which allows each massage to be adjusted to your specific needs.

Putting pressure
Just like a physiotherapist uses different parts of their hand during a massage, so you can vary the pressure yourself with the roller by using different parts of the roller. This makes it possible to do a custom made massage for massaging and loosening stiff or cold muscles.

What does a foam roller do?
A foam roller creates great pressure on the muscles and tissue. This works like a massage for your muscles. Therefore the foam roller can also be called a trigger point roller or massage roller. This use of the roller reduces muscle pain. This is best compared to stretching.

That’s why you should regularly use the foam roller to do exercises after a workout.

Why should you get a Tunturi foam roller:
✔ Decreases muscle pain (after training)
✔ Massages
✔ Stimulation of blood flow
✔ Balance training
✔ Stretches the muscles when used frequently
✔ A foam roller can be used wherever and whenever you want

-Material: Foam
-Color: Black
-Core color: Green
-Diameter: 14 cm
-Length: 33 cm
-Weight: 930 grams