Tunturi Foot Massage Roller With Gel

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Out on the couch? Ready for relaxation? Pamper your feet with this Tunturi Foot Roller! The ergonomic shape of the foot roller fits exactly in the arch of the foot. The unique texture provides a kneading effect and extra comfort. If you want a cold massage, put the roller in the freezer an hour before use. For warm, relaxed feet, place the roll in hot water for 15 minutes or more. To enjoy!

The benefits of the Tunturi Foot Roller - Foot Massage - Foot Massage Roller

✓ Relaxes and pampers your feet thanks to the unique texture and heat-regulating gel

✓ Can be used both hot and cold due to the special gel that you heat or cool before use

✓ Has a perfect ergonomic fit Want to relax after a busy day?

Order the Tunturi Foot Roller and your feet will feel reborn!

Specifications overview

• Colour black

• Material: foam, plastic, heat-regulating gel