Tunturi Gymball 55 cm Red


Sit comfortably? Improve your balance, coordination and strength? It's all possible with this inflatable Tunturi fitness ball. The gym ball is suitable for various fitness exercises to strengthen and stretch your muscles. The fitness ball is ideal for at home, but is also widely used in yoga and gyms and rehabilitation centers. You can also sit on the sitting ball behind your desk or in front of the television. Because your body has to find the right balance again and again, you unconsciously strengthen your muscles and improve your posture. The gym ball is inflatable and you can pump it up as firmly as you like.

The benefits of the Tunturi Fitness Ball

✔ Improves your balance, strength and coordination

✔ For strengthening and stretching muscles

✔ Inflatable and lightweight Train your muscles and improve your posture thanks to this handy Tunturi fitness ball.

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Specifications overview:

• Diameter 55 cm.

• Inflatable - Including hand pump

• Material: vinyl

• Maximum loadable weight 120 kg.

• Weight 750 grams.

• Suitable for body height of 155 cm-165 cm.