Tunturi Exercise Wheel Deluxe

Do you want to build up muscle strength in combination with improving your balance? That’s possible: with this Tunturi Double Exercise Wheel you train the muscles of your upper body. Maintain your balance during a workout by correctly performing the rolling motion.

Good grip
This exercise wheel trains your abdominal, back and upper body muscles while maintaining grip. The dual wheel and the foam anti-slip handles allow you to easily get a hold of the technique. The knee pad ensures that you do not hurt your knees during a workout.

The benefits of the Tunturi Exercise Wheel Deluxe
✓ Double, solid exercise wheel
✓ Anti-slip handles
✓ Includes mat

Combine a strength training with a balance training. Go for the Tunturi Exercise Wheel Deluxe.

Overview specifications
• Dimensions: L: 26 cm W: 23 cm H: 60 cm
• Weight: 0.650 kg
• Material: synthetic