Tree Of Life Bohemian Bracelet


Bohemian bracelet with Tree of life closure. Adjustable in size. With leather cord. Tree of life is a timeless symbol for wisdom and growth. It is therefore not surprising that the symbol can be found in many spiritual traditions around the world. The Tree of Life in different religions and spiritual traditions

The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol that has existed in various religious and spiritual traditions for centuries and worldwide.

Tree of life, ancient Iran In Iranian mythology, there are various effigies of sacred plants and trees related to life, healing and eternity. Think of the guardians of the plants, goddesses of the trees and of immortality.

Tree of Life, Baha'i Faith The concept of the Tree of Life is found in the scriptures of the Bahá'í Faith. It refers to the Manifestation of God, who appears as a great teacher to mankind from time to time.

Tree of life, Buddhism In Buddhism, the bodhi tree or banyan is the tree (Ficus religiosa) under which Prince Siddharta sat when he reached Enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, India and became the Buddha (Awakened) about 2500 years ago. The bodhi tree has thus become a symbol of new life in the sense of spiritual awakening.