Shoti Maa Purity Flame



100% Organic herbal and spice tea with cocoa beans, mint, harmonizing liquorice and a hint of Spanish chili pepper as the main ingredients.
Information on the packaging in Dutch, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
Purity Flame balances the element of Fire.
Five-element tea
According to the ancient wisdom, the five elements are the symbolic building blocks of our life. In order to live a harmonious life we ​​must have all five elements in balance. How can we know where we are in that regard? And how can we create such a balance? There are many oriental-oriented healers, such as those using Ayurveda or Sat Nam Rasayan, who know methods of analyzing and possibly treating the state of these elements within us. In these Hari teas our master blenders have based themselves on these ancient technologies.

Better insight into the heat of the battle, the inner fire ... they are all subject to the flames of transformation, of transformation, change. We balance the purifying flame - we balance our own lives.

Licorice *, Cocoa Shells * (15%), Spearmint * (10%), Blackberry Leaves *, Anise *, Fennel *, Ginger *, Peppermint * (5%), Cinnamon *, Black Pepper *, Cardamom *, Cloves *, Nettle *, chili pepper * (1%), rose petals * (* = organic)