Shoti Maa Peace On Earth Joy

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100% Organic herbal and spice tea with chicory, liquorice and cinnamon as main ingredients (16 tea bags).
Information on the packaging in Dutch, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
Peace on Earth
The Peace on Earth teas are an invitation to relax and discover your inner peace. Because when we find peace within ourselves, the world around us starts to change, and everything becomes a little more peaceful. A percentage of the sales of these teas will be donated to peace initiatives.
Chai mocha
Not feeling happy? Then let stress out so joy can come in with this sweet blend of chicory, cocoa shells, licorice root and cinnamon.
Roasted chicory *, cocoa shells *, liquorice *, cinnamon *, black pepper *, ginger *, cardamom *, turmeric *, cloves *. *

- Each tea bag is individually packed in a bag that retains the taste and aroma.
- Tea bags are closed with buttons.
- Fully compostable tea bags: produced without staples or glue.
- Boxes without foil
- Practical shelf-ready packaging