Shoti Maa Magix Box


"We don't have to be made 'whole'; we are not broken. To live gracefully in a hectic world we need comfort and balance. Then the great systems in our own body take care of the rest." The Magic Box is a gift box with all twelve organic Shoti Maa flavors. Five teas to support the elements we are made of, and seven teas to enliven and support our energy centers. In ancient wisdom, we have energy centers in our bodies, also called chakras, and five elements as symbolic building blocks of life. Each type of tea from this 'magic box' is formulated to stimulate our senses and balance in our energy centers.

Information on the packaging in Dutch, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Content per Magic Box:

5 Elements: 1 x Emotional Detox 1 x Life On Wings 1 x Purity Flame 1 x Joyful Silence 1 x Touch The Ground

7 Chakras: 1 x Delighted 1 x Harmony 1 x I am 1 x In the Mood 1 x Loving 1 x Sanctify 1 x Talk to me