Shasta Sage Smudge L

Incense: Shasta Sage Smudge - L

Shasta Sage or Blue Sage comes from the area around Mount Shasta 
in Northern California.
It is said that this herb has a powerful Yin energy,
making it ideal for orientation and preparation of a meditation or
healing ceremony.
Mount Shasta is considered to be one of the seven sacred mountains of this world
and violent cyclones regularly occur.
A "smolder bundle" of this Shasta Sage is therefore very popular
for "incense" of a person's aura or fast energetic purification of rooms. Use: Light the tip of the sage stick,
wave it with it so that the flame goes out and the twig continues to smolder.
With this smoldering twig you work from top to bottom the entire aura body
or walk counterclockwise through the (living) space that you want to purify.
Ventilate well. Each bunch of dried Shasta Sage is tied together with yarn.