Rumi Orakel NL

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The oracle of Rumi is inspired by the poetry of the 13th century Persian mystic, Rumi. The 44 cards have deep and evocative spiritual illustrations, and are designed to help the reader open their hearts to the divine mystery of life. Rumi speaks to the hearts of many people today. He is still very much alive spiritually and works in the service of human spiritual freedom on this planet. Rumi has a heart so open that the world he loves so passionately fits in easily. He will never turn away from a sincere request for help, for connection with him, for his support in getting to know the divine in all its mystery. What he seems to find much less interesting is when we limit ourselves in our divinity. He sees the divine birthright from a clear path to the divine in every human heart. It doesn't matter whether your “version” of the divine is God, Allah, the Goddess, the universe or any other concept. Rumi's work, as I understand it and have experienced it, is to lead us to that clear path to divinity through our hearts. He is not interested in being worshiped. He's not interested in you staring at him! He wants you to use the light that he shines so that you can see your own way to the divine reunion that is now taking place in your heart. He is interested in loving you as a face of the divine beloved he has merged into, in an eternal embrace of delightful tenderness, passion and glorification.