Reusable Bamboo Straws


4 reusable bamboo straws in an environmentally friendly packaging. The straws come in a closed package with a brush for cleaning. They are chemical free and a naturally sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws.   The bamboo straws are cut to the correct length and then processed and cleaned. After cutting, the bamboo plant continues to grow again, so this does not contribute to deforestation.  

The package contains 4 bamboo straws and 1 brush to clean after use so that they can be used very often  

Cleaning the straws

Cleaning: rinsing and with a brush is often more than enough but they must be thoroughly cleaned once! Then boil briefly in water with a tablespoon of vinegar. Then dry in sunlight and store in a dry place.  

Bamboo straw properties


Environmentally friendly

Free from chemicals

Inner size +/- 6 mm.

Outer size +/- 8 mm.

Length 20 cm