Reinigingsrituelen voor uit en thuis - Ansha

Everyone will recognize this situation: an at first sight beautiful and pleasant space does not 'feel' good. This may not be obvious at first impression, but over time you will start to feel more and more uncomfortable in this space, until you just have to 'get out'.
Spaces, for example, in your new home, when you first occupy them, are often filled with negative, inhibiting and sometimes even pathogenic energies. For example, unpleasant events may have occurred in the past or the tense atmosphere has lingered after a violent altercation. You sometimes 'feel' this at home when, for example, you have just had a less pleasant visit. All unnecessary, limiting and annoying influences.
Your own space, like the house, is, as it were, a mirror of the soul, in which you still want to see the most pleasant image possible. If this mirror is dirty, ancient rituals can help to cleanse it again, until its reflection has a favorable - clean - effect on your inner self and that of your neighbors.
This book describes many simple rituals and tips that can help to 'clean' an 'contaminated' environment.