Not just any wheel! 
Specially to stretch your muscles and reduce the tension and stiffness of the muscles in your back, chest, shoulder, and stomach. A Yoga wheel or Yoga Wheel is a wheel of plastic or wood surrounded by TPE or cork. It is used as an aid in doing various Yoga and Pilate exercises and various stretching and balance exercises. It is ideal for making your spine more supple and reducing tension and for training the balance in the arms. The main reason why a Yoga Wheel is used is to allow you to practice safely in different yoga positions. You can start lying on the yoga wheel passively or roll your back over the yoga wheel. Everyone can discover the possibilities in their own way. It also improves balance and deepening your breath. In addition, the Yoga Wheel is easy to carry, so if you want to do your exercises elsewhere, you can always take it with you. It is therefore not surprising that the Yoga Wheel is all the rage in the United States and there is no gym without it.

Specifications of the Om Namaste Yoga Wheel:

Weight: 1.3kg
Size: 33 cm x 13 cm
Equipped with comfortable TPE anti-slip layer Made of sturdy ABS Loadable
weight: 150kg
Brand: Om Namaste Clean with warm water