Natural Smudge Spray Lavender & Californian White Sage

Get rid of stagnant energy and purify your home with Aromafume's natural white sage smudge spray. This holy spray offers all the benefits of smudging, but without the smoke. Leaves a pleasant aroma in the room, making it feel calm and fresh again.

Packaging: Spray bottle in cardboard box, with information in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
Made in: India.

Product specifications
Natural smudge spray Lavender & White sage
Relaxing and purifying
Aura cleaning or room spray, air freshener
Use at home or on the go
Environmentally friendly, CFC-free, non-ozone depleting
Without phthalates, without parabens
Reusable and recyclable bottle

For external use only
Use in a well-ventilated area
Avoid direct contact with the eyes
Keep out of reach of children and pets

Directions: Spray daily at home, office, car or yoga studio. Spray in a smooth motion for 3-5 seconds. Use regularly.

How to clean a room?
1. Formulate an intention, with which you clear the negative energy. Taking the time to make a positive intention has added value. "I let go of all energies that no longer serve me, as well as all negativity and fears that limit me. May it be so ..."
2. Spray a few times in the corners and work towards the center of the room. Flow the aroma through space.
3. Now that the room has been energetically cleared, you can express a new intention for positive energy with a prayer, blessing or affirmation. "May the positive energy contribute to the well-being of myself, my housemates, the Earth and all creatures that live there".

Crystal essences, demineralized water, perfume blend with essential oils, paraben-free preservative.