Sweetgrass & Yerba Santa Incense Native Soul


The Native Soul Yerba Santa incense is fresh and spicy. It is a perfect incense to clear your head and purify your home. The incense helps to dispel negative thoughts and creates a pleasant atmosphere and smell. The high quality of the Green Tree brand provides a completely natural and beneficial fragrance experience. About Sweet Grass and Yerba Santa Sweet grass and Yerba Santa are special herbs. Sweet grass was also called the "hair of Mother Earth" by Indian tribes. Another name is "holy grass". It was used by the Indians to answer prayers and to stimulate positive energy. The scent of holy grass is similar to the scent of white sage, but smells a lot sweeter. Yerba Santa is known as a pleasantly spicy fragrance that dispels gloomy feelings. In combination with good ventilation of your home, Yerba Santa is excellent for creating pure air. Yerba santa is known for its fragrance that combines well with sweet grass or white sage. Finally, "Native Soul" means native spirit. This refers to the pure, holy ingredients. About the Green Tree brand This brand rightfully calls itself "Green Tree". The incense sticks are from India, where they are traditionally rolled by hand. This is done according to a fair production process. There are no children's hands involved in making the incense, and only natural ingredients are used. For example, herbs, spices and essential oils are used. In addition to this smelling delicious, herbal ingredients are beneficial for your mood. They help you relax. Native Soul Yerba Santa Sweet burning grass incense This incense provides a relaxed and comfortable feeling due to its spicy and sweet fragrance. You can use this incense as a boost after a day when you were worried. The special herbal flavors help you to release negative feelings. Yerba Santa Sweet grass incense suits all kinds of occasions. You can also use the incense to meditate, especially if you are gloomy and need some energy. Finally, Yerba Santa and Sweet grass are known purifying ingredients. Light an incense stick, open a window, and let sacred grass lend a hand to dispel negativity. This Green Tree incense is also very suitable as a gift.