Nag Champa Roomspray

Aromafume Nag Champa natural air freshener to purify your home from unpleasant odors and any stagnant energy. 
Can also be used to clean the aura. Promotes relaxation and leaves a pleasant, light scent that spreads subtly throughout the room. Produced in: India. Product specifications: Natural Nag Champa air freshener spray - 100 ml For aura cleaning or room spray Can be used at home or on the road 100% vegetable & environmentally friendly CFC-free, ozone-friendly Phthalate free Recyclable bottle Pay attention: For external use only Use in a well-ventilated area Avoid direct contact with the eyes Keep away from children and pets Instructions Can be used daily at home, at the office, the car or your yoga studio.
Spray in one motion for a few seconds.
Can be used regularly.