Meditation Cushion Grey & Turqouise


This will make you happy! Meditation cushions provided with spiritual prints, such as this gray colored cushion with an orange print of the Yoga Tree. They are made of cotton and support the pelvis ergonomically. Moreover, the cover is washable.

Meditation is part of a mindful lifestyle in which people develop their spirituality, inside and outside religion. The goal of meditation is to be with full attention in the here and now with your body and mind. You do this by focusing on something presents. Your breath is a frequently used anchor because you carry it anywhere and everywhere, but you can also use a tealight, mantra, visualization or statue. This brings you into a lofty state of consciousness in which your body relaxes or your mind transcends space and time. This allows you to simply 'be'. Meditation is a form of attention that requires a certain amount of concentration. You can only strengthen this by practicing daily.

Meditations can be performed walking, sitting or lying down.

Meditation cushion

Meditation cushions are meant to support the seat during sitting meditations. Yoga is originally intended to make the body loose and supple before you start a meditative sitting. In this way, the chance of physical discomfort, such as cramps or sleeping limbs, is smallest during sitting. Because we do not always have time for to prepare our bodies with yoga or to support the body a bit extra, meditation cushions has been developed