Meditation Blanket Turquoise - Blue - Yellow

A meditation blanket is perhaps the most versatile yoga and meditation accessory.

These beautiful meditation blankets are made of acrylic wool and feel wonderfully soft.

When meditating you sit still and cool down quickly. 
The meditation blanket is wonderful as a warm shawl during your meditation session.
The meditation blanket is also good to sit on during meditation or yoga. You can also put the meditation blanket over your head to isolate yourself from the environment
for optimal concentration. In brief: The meditation blankets are the aids that provide comfort, warmth and hygiene. The blanket is 200 cm long and 85 cm wide. Can also be used as a home accessory! • Brand: YogaStyles • Dimensions: 200 cm long, 85 cm wide • Material: 100% Acrylic Wool • Washing instructions: Hand wash 30 degrees, not in the dryer