Love Generation Yoga Block Cork Mantra

Yoga blocks are a simple tool for difficult yoga postures. 
They help strengthen, stretch, and balance your body.
In some postures they increase the reach of your arms and in others they offer extra support that prevents injuries. It varies by yoga style if and how yoga blocks are used.
They are indispensable in one style, such as in Iyengar Yoga or Restorative Yoga.
With other styles they are only used in the initial phase, such as Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga. This somewhat thicker yoga block, usually called yoga brick, is often used in, for example, the trikonasana posture or the practice of backbends, but of course there are many other applications for these Love Generation yoga bricks. The Sanskrit mantra surrounding this yoga block is "Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu Ohm shanti shanti shanti" and means "May all beings around the world be happy and free, Ohm peace peace peace". If you still have doubts about which yoga block you want to buy, we recommend a yoga block made of cork.
Cork has some very nice advantages compared to a foam yoga block: First of all, cork is a natural material and therefore 100% biodegradable.
The Love Generation cork blocks are made from one piece, so they are not glued.
The print is made with water-based ink (acrylic) and the weight of cork yoga blocks is slightly heavier, which gives the best stability and strength.
No unnecessary luxury with the more challenging poses (and you bet: there are enough in yoga ;-)) Finally, a cork yoga block keeps better grip in sweaty hands, because cork has an open cell structure, unlike plastic, and therefore the wicks away moisture better.
So less slipping! You just want to make sure you're standing firmly. This LG yoga brick is designed with three different sides, and it's not without reason: they are designed so that you can tilt your block in three ways.
That way you have the choice of different applications but also the choice of three different heights so that you can vary in the sizes of the support you need.
In the beginning you will often choose the highest position, but after a while you should definitely try out a lower position ... practice, practice and all will come, and who knows, you may not need your yoga block at all in some postures!

Dimensions: 7 cm x 12 cm x 22 cm 
Sturdy and durable high-density cork
Made in one piece
Without toxic or artificial substances
100% natural and biodegradable cork
Rounded corners
High density so more stability
Good grip even with perspiration