Love Generation Sacred Yoga Mat - Extra Thick - Black

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Stand confidently in any asana on this cream white Sacred yoga mat 
with a gold-colored design.
The comfortable, thick yoga mat has a soft anti-slip layer,
is durable and provides a perfect grip. Due to the generous thickness of 6 mm,
this mat has a good insulation value.
This is especially nice when you practice quiet yoga styles,
where you do seated or lying exercises.
These are, for example, Yin Yoga, Restorative,
Hatha Yoga and mindfulness exercises. Love Generation developed this thick yoga mat for extra cushioning.
Your new mat therefore feels pleasant
and offers comfort for sensitive joints.
Extra nice, of course, when you practice on a cold floor.
You will notice that you are really comfortable
during the final relaxation. Your Sacred Yoga mat is pleasant to use.
The surface is skin-friendly and free of phthalates.
The material is very smooth and lightweight.
This makes it easy to roll it up and take it with you.
Yet you will also experience a pleasant insulation and comfort. Features Sacred Yoga Mat 183 cm long x 61 cm wide x 6 mm thick Lightweight (+/- 1.5 kg) Anti-slip / sticky Gets stiffer with use Washable, but be careful with the print Made from OEKO-TEX certified PVC Free from phthalates, toxins, heavy metals, AZO, DOP and latex. Suitable for a daily yoga practice Suitable for all yoga styles and also as a fitness mat & pilates mat Also a very nice yoga mat for beginners Are you looking for a comfortable yoga mat with a unique design?
Then the 6mm Sacred Yoga Mat from Love Generation is the right choice for you. Use & Maintenance make it stiff The Sacred yoga mat becomes increasingly stiff with use.
Do you want to make it extra stiff from the start?
Then wash it before use with a degreasing agent, such as detergent,
natural vinegar, or shampoo. Wash Cleaning can be done with lukewarm water,
for example rinse under the shower (not in the washing machine).
You can dissolve a little bit of vinegar
or tea tree oil in the water as a cleaning agent.
Be careful when scrubbing the print. Then rinse it well in the shower.
Then roll the yoga mat tightly in a towel and squeeze out
as much moisture as possible, then let it air dry for a few days. Then roll the yoga mat up tightly in a large towel,
press all the excess water out well
and then hang your yoga mat out for a few days to let it air dry.
Better not to use and/or roll up before the mat is completely dry.