Love Generation Premium Yogamat Mesmerizing Purple


Are you looking for a PRO yoga mat of the very best quality, a mat that you will not wear out quickly and that offers the finest grip and cushioning in all yoga styles?

Then look no longer! 

The Premium yoga mat is produced with an eye for the environment and developed for the longest possible life. In addition, the mat is made of OEKO-TEX® certified PVC, which means that it is free from phthalates, heavy metals, AZO, DOP and latex. The skid resistance of the material in combination with the structure of the surface give the Love Generation premium yoga mat a particularly good grip, even during the most intensive yoga postures.

Due to the pleasant thickness of 6mm and the high density of the material, this mat has ideal insulation. That makes the mat extra nice when you practice on a cold floor. In addition, the mat has been developed at the optimal ratio between damping and strength.

The mat provides a really pleasant comfort for your joints and during the final relaxation. But at the same time, the mat continues to provide sufficient support and grounding during the balance postures, so that you do not have to stand next to your yoga mat.

Finally, the premium yoga mat is particularly durable and therefore also especially suitable for intensive use, active yoga styles, a daily yoga practice, or when used in yoga studios.


Note: Yoga mat can be used on both sides