Love Generation Mantra Yoga Mat

This Love Generation black sticky yoga mat has a silver mantra in the middle. 
The sanskrit mantra "Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu Ohm shanti shanti shanti"
means "May all beings around the world be happy and free,
Ohm peace peace peace".
This mantra is placed exactly over the center of the mat and therefore
useful when placing the feet for the correct alignment. The LG yoga mat is durable and provides good grip and insulation,
even on cold floors. You can easily roll it up and it is lightweight;
with the free carrying cord supplied,
you can easily take this yoga mat with you everywhere! Thanks to the lanyard you can also easily carry the yoga mat over the shoulder
on the bike and hang it up or store it somewhere when you return home.
Folded twice in half, the LG Mantra Yoga Mat fits exactly on the bottom
of an average travel suitcase and takes up only 16 millimeters of space. CHARACTERISTICS MANTRA YOGAMAT 183 cm long x 61 cm wide x 4 mm thick Anti slip / sticky Becomes stiffer with use Lightweight (+/- 1.2 kg) Washable, but be careful with the print With FREE lanyard Wear-resistant and soft PVC material Suitable for a daily yoga practice Suitable for all yoga styles Also a nice yoga mat for beginners USE & MAINTENANCE The Mantra yoga mat becomes increasingly stiff with use.
Do you want to make it extra rough from the start?
Then wash it before use with a degreasing agent, such as detergent,
natural vinegar, or shampoo.
You can also scrub the yoga mat lightly with coarse sea salt.
Then play it well in the shower.
Then roll the yoga mat up tightly in a towel and press the moisture out
as much as possible, then let it air dry for a few days.
Watch out for the print because it can wear out.