Love Generation Magic Carpet Aubergine Yoga Mat

Give your yoga or fitness practice extra class with this stylish Magic Carpet Yoga Mat from Love Generation!

Wonderful basic yoga mat for your weekly exercise at home, in yoga class or while traveling. 
Perfect mat for beginners. Stylish Design This aubergine purple yoga mat from Love Generation has a beautiful geometric print.
The design is inspired by mehndi patterns of henna, which you see on the hands of Indian brides.
This print gives you an instant focal point, which can help you during your balance exercises. Choose carefully from Love Generation's decorative designs; the material is wear-resistant,
so you will enjoy this mat for a long time. Anti slip This 4mm yoga mat is a real all-round mat. It is well suited for both active and calm yoga styles.
It gives good grip to your hands and feet. The mat is sticky, which gives it an anti-slip effect.
This keeps you in the right position without sliding. Pleasant to use The Love yoga mat is pleasant to use. For example, you can wash the mat in the machine.
The material is very smooth and lightweight.
Yet you experience a pleasant insulation, even on a cold floor.
That is nice during relaxation exercises. Handy on the road You simply roll up your yoga mat. Thanks to the lightweight material,
you can take it with you everywhere.
Folded twice, the mat fits exactly on the bottom of an average travel suitcase.
There it takes up only 16 millimeters of space.

Features Magic Carpet
183cm long x 61cm wide x 4mm thick
Lightweight (+/- 1.2 kg)
Anti-slip / sticky
Gets stiffer with use
Machine washable, careful with print
Wear-resistant and soft PVC material
Suitable for a daily yoga practice
Suitable for all yoga styles
Nice yoga mat for beginners
Are you looking for a nice all-round yoga mat for your weekly practice? 
An affordable yoga mat that you will not wear out quickly,
on which you have a lot of grip and will remain in all yoga positions with certainty? Then you have now found it. Use & Maintenance make it stiff The yoga mat becomes increasingly stiff with use.
Do you want to make it extra stiff from the start?
Then wash it before use with a degreasing agent, such as detergent, natural vinegar, or shampoo. On our blog you will find more tips about making your yoga mat stiffer. You can also lightly scrub the yoga mat with coarse sea salt.
Watch out for the print because it can wear out. Wash It is best to wash the mat in the bath or take it with you in the shower.
Then roll the yoga mat tightly in a towel and squeeze out as much moisture as possible, then let it air dry for a few days.