Love Generation Lotus Meditation Cushion Pretty Peach

Love Generation Meditation Cushion with Lotus embroidery, 
inspired by the henna patterns on the hands of Indian brides.
In Hindu philosophy, the lotus represents beauty, purity and transformation. This Love Generation round meditation cushion, or 'zen zafu' is made of
a very sturdy cotton canvas, and is filled with organic buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat hulls are a residual product of buckwheat; an extremely durable
and lightweight material that provides perfect sitting support.
It has been used for centuries to fill meditation cushions,
including in the Zen tradition. What makes this Love Generation Lotus meditation cushion unique is
not only the indestructible cover and the extra wide carrying strap,
but especially the zipper with which you can remove the outer cover
from the inner cushion; unlike almost all other meditation cushions,
Love Generation cushions have a sturdy zipper all the way around the bottom,
in a circle. This allows you to open the cover completely as if it were a lid,
and so remove the inner cushion really easily.
And that saves a lot of pushing and shoving when you want to wash the outer cover.
The tab of the zipper is of course neatly and safely hidden behind
the carrying strap.