Love Generation Fabulous Flowers Xtra Thick Yoga Mat

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Sometimes a thicker yoga mat is just nicer. 
Because you practice on a cold floor, because you feel your joints quickly,
or because you want to lie extra soft during the final relaxation. But what makes practicing on this extra thick sand-colored yoga mat from Love Generation even better is the beautiful all-over cream-white floral print. The Love Generation yoga mat is durable and provides good grip and insulation, even on cold floors.
You can easily roll it up and it is lightweight. We recommend an extra thick yoga mat especially for quiet yoga styles where you do more lying exercises (for example Yin Yoga, Restorative, Hatha Yoga and mindfulness). This mat is also particularly recommended for the elderly and people with joint problems, because you will get pain less in your back, ankles, knees, etc. on a softer, thicker surface. Features Fabulous Flowers Yoga Mat 183cm long x 61cm wide x 6mm thick Lightweight (+/- 1.7 kg) Anti-slip / sticky Gets stiffer with use Washable, but be careful with the print Wear-resistant and soft PVC material Suitable for a daily yoga practice Suitable for all yoga styles and also as a fitness mat & pilates mat Also a nice yoga mat for beginners