Love Generation Eco Yoga Mat Superior TPE 5mm Excellent Earth

Brown eco yoga mat made of Superior TPE, resilient & shock absorbing. 
The yoga mat has a soft top layer on both sides with grip pattern
for comfort & control, and is biodegradable. Love Generation's Superior TPE Yoga Mat is a wonderful balance
between nature and science. As soon as you step on the mat
you feel the comfort of the high-quality TPE material and at the same time
the dynamics of the latest technological development in yoga. Feel supported and carried, bounced and cushioned again
by the extreme carrying and resilience of TPE's dynamic properties.
This new generation of eco yoga mats is for the yogi
who wants to get the most out of the exercise! Suitable for all yoga styles, and also as a fitness mat and pilates mat. Features Superior TPE - Eco Yoga Mat High Quality Superior TPE Patented formula Can be used on both sides! Biodegradable 183cm x 61cm x 5mm Super lightweight (+/- 1.1 kg) Free from chlorine, BPA and toxic substances (with SGS certification) Hypoallergenic PVC and latex free Super good grip, even with perspiration Shock absorbing and resilient Easily washable with natural detergent Stand firm in all asanas The top layer of the Love Generation Superior TPE Yoga Mat has a patented anti-slip pattern. This prevents your hands and feet from slipping. Not even with a little perspiration. This allows you to stand longer and firmer in your asanas. The top layer of this eco mat feels soft and pleasant on the skin and is not 'sticky', but it is non-slip. Superior TPE yoga mat What makes this new eco mat Superior?
The high-quality TPE material has even better grip
than regular TPE mats and is more wear-resistant, so it lasts longer.
Due to the open cell structure, the mat absorbs a little moisture,
so that you will not slip on clammy hands and feet. Gentle on your joints The resilience of this mat ensures that shocks are well absorbed.
This makes it easier for you to land on your hands and knees
and it is also easier to get up again.
This is a relief for sensitive joints. Extra comfort The Superior TPE Eco Yoga Mat has a thickness of 5mm.
The generous thickness ensures the perfect insulation layer between you and
the cold floor. The optimal grip, which also remains good with light perspiration,
makes this mat very suitable for dynamic yoga forms such as Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Mysore Yoga.

The elasticity of the material also makes this mat a bit softer than a PVC yoga mat. This makes it ideal for, for example, Yin Yoga, Restorative and Hatha Yoga, and for people who need some extra cushioning for their joints.

Wear-resistant TPE and anti-tear
The new generation of ecological mats are even more durable 
than the previous ones. Superior TPE has an anti-tear formula.
This protects your mat against tear and cut damage. Kind to the environment Your new eco-friendly yoga mat is made of TPE.
TPE is an artificial material that is biodegradable and resembles rubber.
So there is no PVC or latex processed in this product.
No harmful substances are used during the production process
and the material is free of BPA, plasticizers and other toxic substances. Now your practice is not only beneficial for yourself,
but also for those around you. "For good karma and a healthier earth"