Love Generation Cork Block Medium

Yoga blocks are a simple aid for difficult yoga postures. 
They help strengthen, stretch, and balance your body.
In some poses they increase the reach of your arms and
in others they provide extra support, preventing injuries. It differs per yoga style whether and how yoga blocks are used.
In one style they are indispensable,
such as with Iyengar Yoga or Restorative Yoga.
In other styles they are only used in the initial phase,
for example Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga. This somewhat thicker yoga block, usually called yoga brick,
is widely used for example in the Trikonasana posture
or practicing backbends, but of course there
are many other applications for these yoga bricks. If you are still in doubt which yoga block you want to buy,
we recommend a cork yoga block.
Cork has a number of very nice advantages over a foam yoga block: First of all, cork is a natural material and 100% biodegradable.
The Love Generation cork blocks are made in one piece,
so no other artificial materials such as glue are added. In addition, the weight of cork yoga blocks is somewhat heavier,
which gives the best stability and firmness.
No superfluous luxury with the more challenging poses
(and you bet: there are enough in yoga ;-)) Finally, a cork yoga block keeps a better grip on sweaty hands,
because cork has an open cell structure, unlike plastic,
and therefore drains the moisture better.
So less slipping! You just want to make sure you're standing firm. This LG yoga brick is designed with three different sides,
and for good reason: they are designed so that you can tilt your block
in three ways.

Features Cork Yoga Block Dimensions: 7.5 cm x 12 cm x 22 cm Sturdy and wear-resistant high-density cork Made in one piece Without toxic or artificial substances 100% natural and biodegradable cork Rounded corners High specific weight so more stability Good grip even with perspiration Use & Maintenance Clean with a damp cloth Do not use cleaning agents Keep moisture to a minimum Let the block dry well in case it does get wet Protect from direct sunlight