Love Generation Breathe Meditation Cushion Warm Grey


The inspiring Love Generation Breathe meditation cushion has the word "breathe" on the top, around the cushion are the words "love", "trust", "peace" and "gratitude".

This round meditation cushion, or 'zen zafu', is made of a very sturdy cotton canvas and is filled with organic buckwheat caps. Buckwheat husks are a residual product of buckwheat; an extremely durable and lightweight material that provides perfect seating support.

It has been used for centuries to fill meditation cushions, including in the Zen tradition.

What makes this Love Generation meditation cushion unique is not only the indestructible cover and the extra wide carrying strap, but especially the zipper with which the outer cover can be removed from the inner cushion; unlike almost all other meditation cushions, the Love Generation cushions have a sturdy zipper all the way around the bottom, in a circle. This allows you to open the cover completely as if it were a lid, and thus really take out the inner cushion. And that saves a lot of pushing and stuffing if you want to wash the outer cover. The lip of the zipper is of course neatly and safely hidden behind the strap. The cotton inner cushion also has a zipper, but across the side. This allows the meditation cushion to be adjusted in height by removing or adding filling. This way you can always adjust the cushion to the seat height that suits you best.

Are you easy to sit cross-legged? Then lower the meditation cushion. If you are not comfortable sitting cross-legged, try the meditation cushion on its side, in Seiza position, with your knees on both sides forward and your feet flat back.