Lavender Eye/Neck Pillow Set


A lavender neck pillow is an easy and very effective way to enjoy the wonderful effects of lavender aromatherapy. Simply put such a pillow under the neck and back of the head, breathe in, relax and enjoy the calming effect of lavender. Reducing stress couldn't be easier than this! The linseed in the cushions ensures that they are easily pliable and thus give way to the various shapes around the neck. We also have an over-the-eye pillow to bring deep relaxation to the eye area and around it. Try them both for complete relaxation. If you cool the eye pillow and / or the neck pillow a little, you can also cool the eyes, neck and shoulders. You can do that by putting such a pillow in the freezer for at least 10 minutes, or in a plastic bag for a few hours, keeping it smooth and soft and adding a cool element to your relaxation experience. When the coolness decreases, you can turn the pillow over, so you can enjoy the coolness a bit longer. Tired neck muscles are treated even better when the cushion is slightly warmer than body temperature, by putting it in the microwave. All our eye pillows and neck pillows are filled with the highest quality organic lavender and organic linseed, from Croatia.