Kaerel Deodorant Roller Men


Natural deodorant against perspiration odor. Kaerel deodorant reduces the perspiration odor. The deodorant contains squalan and pure silver, among others. The pure silver has an important natural effect against bacteria. This prevents perspiration odor without closing the pores of the skin. Can be used at any time of the day, however often you want.

Content: 75ml

No aluminum salts, parabens and paraffin liquidum.

Kaerel loves sports. Going out regularly at the gym, playing a game of football with friends or squashing with colleagues, as long as the body has to work hard. And not a weak bite, huh? No, there must be won on the field! Result: the feeling that you are an invincible gladiator. And sweat, a lot of sweat. But there is nothing that a shower cannot solve. But those sloshing armpits don't just happen after an intense workout. A presentation for an important customer or a beautiful, sunny day is usually enough. And you don't take a shower with every little wash.

The great fear? Sweat smell! That when you stretch out behind your desk, a fragrance is released that really does not make anyone happy. "God damn, is that me?" And that you then keep your arms tight to your body like a stiff rake for the rest of the day. But Kaerel is a man of the world, and so are you. So you don't want to be distracted by something as normal as sweat. It is part of it, the body has to lose heat and it is a healthy response from the body. But you don't want it to get in the way of your daily activities. So that sweat smell? We are going to do something about that. With the newest product from Kaerel: deodorant!

Do you want to know the magic of Kaerel's latest addition? The deodorant contains silver extract. It has a bactericidal effect and prevents unpleasant odors. That makes you happy, right? And your immediate environment too.