Kabbalah Tree of Life Incense

Kabbalah Tree of Life incense is perfect for clearing your home of negative energy. The incense is perfect for meditation. In addition, you can create a refined, oriental atmosphere with it. The Green Tree brand is completely natural and this is reflected in the incense fragrance, which has been composed with care. For real enthusiasts, this Kabbalah Tree of Life incense is a real treat.

The meaning of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life

Kabbalah is the name of an ancient wisdom that teaches how life and the universe work. Receiving satisfaction in your life is central to the Kabbalah teaching. Kabbalah does not have so many rules. Everyone can learn the way he or she wants.

In the name of this incense you will also see the "Tree of Life". This is a well-known spiritual symbol. The Tree of Life stands for wisdom, strength and protection. The roots, the trunk and the branches symbolize the developments that we as humans also go through. It is a universal sign that everyone understands. With its trunk, roots and branches, the tree connects the underworld, the middle world and the upper world. The Tree of Life is loved worldwide.

Green Tree incense

The Green Tree brand is one of the incense brands that are traditionally hand-rolled in India. Only natural ingredients are used in the production. 
The components all come from plants, trees and flowers. Natural raw materials in incense provide the best fragrance experience. In addition, vegetable fragrances do more for your well-being than synthetic fragrances. Green Tree incense comes from Bangalore in India. This place is known worldwide for its production of excellent incense. Burn Kabbalah Tree of Life incense This incense is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Due to the authentic ingredients, the Tree of Life incense provides peace and you can meditate excellently.
In addition, this Indian incense provides a pleasant atmosphere: you will be taken to the country where it was made. The Kabbalah Tree of Life incense is a great gift for enthusiasts. Tip These hand-rolled incense sticks can be a bit softer than incense that is not traditionally produced. It can therefore take a little longer for the baton to burn.
The burning time is long: 45 minutes.

15 gr