Jai Hanuman Novena Candle with Mantra

Novena candle Jai Hanuman + mantra

This novena candle is white and contains an authentic image of the god Jai Hanuman. With this candle you can worship Hanuman for nine days and nine nights. Therefore there is a mantra on this candle addressed to Hanuman.


Who is Hanuman?

Hanuman is a Hindu god. He is an appearance of the god Shiva. Hanuman stands for unlimited love, power, trust and dedication. He helps you to continue to follow your path in everyday life. This god is worshiped in many different cultures and countries. As long as your intentions to Hanuman are sincere and loving, you can worship him the way you want. He is usually worshiped with an empty stomach.

The image of the Hindu god Hanuman is well known. This authentic candle shows an authentic image of him.


Burning the Hanuman novena candle

A "novena" stands for a series of nine days and nine nights, during these days you pray to a god. Not without a reason, but for a special request. For example, you can request a healing to a god, or when you are in preparation of a particular holiday. So there are several reasons to light the Hanuman novena candle, such as preparing a Hindu party, or praying to Hanuman for personal reasons.

There are different mantras to worship the god Hanuman. That is why there is a mantra written on the back of this Hanuman novena candle.

Give a candle as a gift or burn it yourself

You can "gift" this novena candle to yourself to worship Hanuman. But it is also a nice gift to give someone you love, such as family. The candle fits perfectly with typical Hindu celebrations and occasions, such as Holi and Divali. The image on the candle of the Hindu god Hanuman completes it.