Holy Lama Naturals Luxury Bath Set

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All the pampering ingredients you need for a luxurious bath! This set is pampering at its best.

Contents set

50g Yogi soap

50ml Revializing Massage Oil

20g Natural Face and Body Mask

30ml Chaitanya bath oil

1 vetivert root scrubber

Natural - Sustainable - Fair Trade

Holy Lama's products are mainly made from natural ingredients, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals or synthetics. Where possible, sustainable materials are used for the packaging. The production process results in less than 1% waste and the waste is used as fuel or animal feed, so the ecological footprint is exceptionally low! The raw materials used for production come mainly from local farmers in Kerala and the rest of India, building on more than seven decades of well-established relationships with farmers. The company operates on a 'no-credit' principle, which means that all farmers and suppliers of raw materials are paid immediately. The factory pays fair wages to the staff and fair prices to the farmers.

Women's company

Holy Lama Naturals is recognized in Kerala as a government approved business for women where more than 80% of factory workers are women. Most come from a disadvantaged position (eg being widowed or abandoned by their partner).