Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder White

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This tealight holder is a beautiful, handmade natural product. The salt from the Himalayas gives the light of this candle a soft appearance. Every tealight holder is beautifully shaped. The color white provides a fresh, soft appearance in your home.


What makes a tealight holder of Himalayan salt special?

Because these tealight holders are made by hand, they all have a different shape. The color white provides a fresh, but soft appearance with this tealight. In addition, the white is reminiscent of snowy mountain tops, clouds and crystals.

What is special about Himalayan salt crystals is that they are 250 million years old. So you bring a very old piece of our Mother Earth into your home.


Placing the Himalayan salt tealight holder

You can put this tealight holder on a smudging altar, or use it as a stylish item for your interior. As soon as you light a tealight in this holder, a soft orange with a white glow appears. The salt crystals also have a wonderfully relaxing appearance. You can put this tea light holder perfectly in a room where you practice yoga.

In the evenings, a Himalayan salt tealight holder can help you create a soothing atmosphere in which you come back to yourself. Because of the natural material Himalayan salt, this tealight holder fits well on a smudging altar. In the "smudging" ritual, herbs such as white sage are burned, so that the environment is purified from negative energy. Indians strengthened these rituals by the presence of all kinds of natural elements.


Give a Himalayan salt tealight holder as a gift

The tealight holder of Himalayan salt is an original and beautiful gift. Lovers of wellness, spirituality and nature will certainly appreciate this gift.