Himalayan Salt Lamp White 4-6KG


Create a relaxed atmosphere in your home with this white himalayan salt lamp. The salt gives the light a serene appearance. Himalayan salt is no less than 180 million years old. It is a pure salt that is loved for cooking and as a decoration. Because salt is a natural material, no lamp in this series is exactly the same.


About Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt (halite) is known as the purest salt that can be found there. The salt is also used a lot for decoration, because you can create beautiful shapes with it. The atmosphere of a salt lamp is unique because the light shines through the salt in a gentle way.

Himalayan salt is said to have an ionizing effect on the environment. This cleansing property has never been proven. It has been proven that pleasant light has a good influence on our well-being. With a Himalayan salt lamp, you bring atmospheric light into your home. Perfect for during dark days, or to give the room more atmosphere.


Placing the Himalayan salt lamp

This Himalayan salt lamp is white. It provides a soft, peaceful atmosphere. Despite the color white, you can see very subtle different colors in the salt. In combination with the irregular shape, this gives the lamp its natural appearance.

With its soft appearance, this lamp fits in almost any room. The shape, the light and the color provide a bit of a "wellness" atmosphere in your home. You can place this lamp in a yoga studio, wellness room and beauty salon because of its calm appearance.



You can partly determine how bright or soft the lamp shines by the lighting you use. LED lighting, for example, is the most economical, but sometimes it is also brighter.

Because this lamp fits in different interior styles, it is very suitable as a gift.