Hemp Meditation Cushion Anthracite

A meditation cushion, otherwise known as a zafu, can be helpful for correcting posture as well as being useful during normal yoga sessions. The translation of zafu is a cushion for sitting.  Za means sitting or “sit” and Fu means cushion.   These cushions provide much needed support during yoga. They also beneficial in strengthening your core, reinforcing your posture, giving yourself a boost, fortifying your resolve, and renewing you chi.

Hemp is an alternative natural fiber that is formed with a low environmental impact. It does not require irrigation, does not use pesticides or fertilizers, and is harvested and processed by hand. It is one of the most sustainable natural fibers on the planet, resulting in a fabric with a beautiful drape, similar to linen. Hemp cultivation improves soil health and farmers can plant food crops in the same field immediately after a hemp harvest with no set-aside period. In this way, farmers can grow market crops and food crops on the same land. Hemp is grown organically using all natural ingredients: compost, animal manure and available rainfall.

Outer cushion material: hemp, Inner cushion material: unbleached cotton, Filling: buckwheat chaff, Size: 32x16cm