Healing Smudge Incense Native Soul

The scent of native soul healing smudge is minty and gives a fresh and cheerful feeling in sadness and depression
The incense is a blend of sage, cedar, lemongrass, juniper, lavender and copal.
The healing soul native soul incense is from green tree and these incense sticks are made by hand from natural ingredients.
Burning hour about 40 minutes
about 12 sticks in beautiful packaging.

This healing smudge incense is good for chasing away negative energies and purifying the space.
The smoke is used to purify the body, aura, energy, a ritual space or any other space and personal items.
It is also practiced for the healing of body, mind & spirit, and for balancing energies
* Made from the best natural ingredients.
* Packaged in a beautiful gift box so that the scent is well preserved;
* Strong smell in short time;
* Masks bad odors.