Happy Spirit Sage


Cheer up yourself and your living space with the Happy Spirit sage! This smudge stick contains white sage and four different flowers for a positive cleansing ceremony. Enjoy the wonderful scent and let the sage do its job: promoting peace and positivity. 


Smudging; meaning and origin

The Native Americans are probably the most famous people who held smudging ceremonies. By smudging we mean the ritual burning of certain herbs to purify energetically. Traditionally, white sage is used for this.

The Indians called energetic cleansing the "chasing away evil spirits." They expressed contact with the subconscious as "contact with the spirit world". By burning white sage the Indians could communicate with this spirit world. Thus, Indians chased the evil spirits away and invited the good spirits.


Burn white sage; operation

The scent of white sage (salvia alpiana) is intense and spicy. By cleaning your living space or important objects with white sage, you free them from negative energy. For example, there are people who inaugurate their new home by holding a smudging ceremony. In addition, you can burn white sage for meditation.


Smudge with sage; How do you proceed?

Smudging ceremonies are suitable at all times when you want to free yourself or your environment from negative energy and bad memories. You can perform such a ceremony as follows:

  • Open your window: this way the negative energy actually disappears from your house.
  • Place the Happy Spirit smudge stick in a fireproof dish or shell.
  • Light the smudge stick and wait until you see a flame.
  • Blow out the flame so that the herbs smolder.
  • With a large spring you can subtly spread the smoke throughout the room.
  • If you want to clean all the rooms of your house, always start with the top space.

Always stay around once you light the bunch of herbs. Do not place the smudge stick near flammable objects.