Eco Coffee Cup Kai Leho


The cup is light, strong and delicious to drink. Ideal to take with you everywhere and also fun because of a wide range of bright colors and vibrant patterns. The lid is made of silicone so that the cup is closed optimally. You plug the cap into a cup and you can remove it if you want to drink. The cap is attached to the lid, so you don't lose it. The cup is not leak-proof. The vapor must be able to escape from the really hot drinks, so there is a very small hole in the lid. You certainly don't mess with this when you hold the cup in your hand and run to the train, but the cup should not be turned upside down. The cup itself is made of bamboo. The silicone grip ensures that you can hold the cup well and not burn your hands.


Why sustainable?
The production process is low in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The cups themselves are free from BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates. After abundant use, the cup is fully compostable. They are great to take anywhere.

Every year, no fewer than 100 billion coffee cups are used once and then end up on the mountain of waste. A dizzying number, right? The makers of Ecoffee thought so too. Their cups are reusable and biodegradable. Are you done with it? Then you can throw the cup on the compost heap because the material is fully compostable. Ecoffee Cup thus represents a new generation of reusable coffee cups.

Cup material: bamboo fiber
Cover + sleeve material: silicone (not biodegradable)
Capacity: 400 ml / 14 oz
Weight: 135 g
Height 13 cm x 8.5 cm
Silicone cover Micowave Safe
Bisphonol A Free
Phthalate Free
Can be put in the Microwave