Dragon Spirit Sage


Smudging with sage is a well-known Native American custom. With this dragon’s blood sage, you can hold your own ceremony. By having a smudging ceremony, you cleanse a space of negative energy. That is why smudging is a beneficial ritual before you meditate. The scent of dragon blood sage is slightly softer and sweeter than the scent of white sage. However, dragon's blood is intense: a real spiritual scent!


Meaning and origin of smudging

The use of 'smudging' means that by burning herbs, you cleanse your environment of negative energy. The ritual originates from the Indians (Native Americans), but the former cave dwellers probably also practiced smudging.


White sage is known for its strong, pungent scent. When you smell the scent, you immediately believe that sage has a cleansing effect. Dragon blood sage has a slightly softer scent than pure white sage. It's a little sweeter.

With dragon blood saga you can cleanse a room before a meditation. However, the moment when you perform a smudging ceremony is personal. You can smudge anytime you need cleansing, rest or, for example, a fresh start!


Tips to hold your own smudging ceremony

With this dragon blood smudge stick you can hold your own smudging ceremony. You will also need the following:

  • A fireproof dish or shell (such as an abalone shell) with some sand
  • A lighter or match
  • Possibly a spring to spread the smoke

Place the smudge stick in the bowl and light it. Blow out the flame and let your smudging stick smolder. The herbs may stop glowing and you may need to light them several times. You can spread the smoke from the herbs throughout the room with a feather, such as a swan feather. Preferably open a window: this way you ventilate the room and you can actually expel negativity from your house.